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Milk Moxy Lactation Tea nourishes your body to produce more breastmilk naturally.

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"I ordered tea, followed by a consultation! Less than 48hrs later I am producing 3-5oz while pumping vs 1-2oz. Jalyn was very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. Thank you sooooo much!"

- Tiffany B.

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  • Plant-based, Organic

  • Hand-crafted

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Lactation Support

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''So I've only been drinking the tea for two days and day one, I noticed an increase and today they were leaking, which hasn't happened since my supply regulated!''

-Michelle J.

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Mom & Lactation Consultant Approved

Unlike most pregnancy and lactation products out there, our teas are made in small-batches and packed fresh. Milk Moxy takes pride in delivering handcrafted lactation products. We also offer free shipping and process orders within 48 hours.

As a mother of 2 and lactation consultant, providing holistic support to pregnant and breastfeeding moms is my focus and mission.

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